San Juan Pools will gladly assist you in finding the contractors you will need.

You will need to find a contractor to do the concrete deck around the pool.

Please note the pool must be grounded for safety. We would like to review the electrical hook-up with your electrician.

You will need an electrician to hook up a 220 v. pump with a 20 amp breaker. If you purchase a pool light, please contact our office for requirements.

If you live in an area with a high water table, you must install a well point. Please contact our office for details.

You will need a small crane truck to off-load the pool with four 20' straps with hooks; (a 5 ton boom-truck is usually fine depending on your yard).

When we bring the pool, you will need 2 truck loads of stone; (approx. 40 tons), on-site - not in the hole (this amount may vary, depending on pool size).

You will need an excavator to dig the hole and do the backfilling of your pool. Dig diagrams will be provided and we will speak to your excavator and review the measurements. (It is important that we talk with your excavator).

Check with your county building department to see if a building permit is required and how to obtain one.


Install Checklist